Wadi shibam black cumin seeds


100 grams


Wadi Shibam nigella seeds are renowned for their exceptional quality. Originating in Ethiopia, they are considered to be the best label available. Indeed, habachia quality is next to excellence for food and therapeutic use. It is easily distinguished by a more pronounced, spicy flavor than common nigella seeds. They are easily recognized by their bright black color and triangular shape.

Ethiopian black cumin seed: a kitchen essential

You want to add a refined touch to your oriental dishes. Habachia black cumin seeds are a must in the kitchen. Highly prized in Indian and Arabic cuisine, they make it easy to prepare such popular dishes as :

  • Stews with curry and cardamom
  • Nigella bread
  • Tagines with chicken and lemon confit sauce.

In short, black seed can be used in a wide range of sauces when used with finesse and care. Its spicy, slightly peppery flavor offers an unprecedented culinary discovery. You'll particularly enjoy mixing it with honey. Give it a try and tell us all about it.

From a therapeutic point of view, what is habba sawda?

This variety from the Horn of Africa holds no secrets. It is an ancestral remedy for many ailments. This quality food plays an important role in maintaining good health. Just as turmeric is said to have anti-cancer properties, nigella seeds have a similar reputation. They boost the immune system thanks to their antioxidant properties. They are an excellent addition to a balanced diet, and their preventive role has been proven by numerous scientific studies. So you benefit from a comforting spice that's good for your body, as well as a unique flavor.

Just like dates, habba sawda is one of the 10 natural foods recommended for healthy balance. This has given it even more legitimacy and media clout.

Useful for reducing inflammation in the body

What could be better in terms of nutrition? Eating dishes based on black cumin seeds means first and foremost following a healthy lifestyle. Wadi Shibam black cumin seeds are very rich in thimoquinone. The main molecule that makes black seed so precious. This detail, which makes all the difference, is an insurance policy for the body. It aims to reduce :

  • Intestinal damage and maintain flora balance
  • Free radical proliferation and cell damage
  • Blood sugar levels.

Finally, black cumin also plays a beneficial role in the treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases. Eating it as part of a balanced diet is bound to do you good.

A spice rich in nutrients and minerals

Wadi Shibam black cumin seed is an invaluable source of benefits. For one thing, it contains two exclusive elements found only in the heart of this spice:

  • Nigellone
  • Thimoquinone.

These two molecules are what give it its added value and all its benefits.


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