Saudi assalafiyat one-piece grey jilbab

Jilbab Saoudien Assalafiyat Une Pièce Gris


Features :

Model: Jilbab Saoudien Assalafiyat Une Pièce

Textile: Royal fabric

Colors: grey, khaki, plum, blue, black

Sizes available: 1, 2, 3

Sizing guide:

Size 1 : Less than 1m60 Size 2 : 1m65 Size 3 : More than 1m70


: ST-688
: Rupture de stock

The Jilbab, also known as the Jilbeb, is a wide, loose-fitting women's garment generally consisting of a long cape and a long skirt or dress, covering the entire body from the hair down to the feet. It is recommended for Muslim women wishing to comply with religious requirements, such as the wearing of a wide, opaque garment that does not mould the body and covers it completely.

Far from being a garment of convenience, or in any way similar to a man's garment, the jilbab is the obvious choice for women. It has undergone several modifications over time, and today exists in a variety of forms. The Assalafiyat Saudi Jilbab is one of the most popular variations.

The Assalafiyat Saudi Jilbab comes in a variety of models. The model presented here is the one-piece Saudi jilbeb. It can be identified by its extra-large cape, its beautiful fallout, its chin guard and the headband integrated into the cape. An honorable mention must go to the sleeves with fabric band that clings to the fingers.

The Assalafiyat one-piece Saudi Jilbab is sewn from royal fabric, making it fluid, soft, light, original, discreet and suitable for all circumstances. Made from this fabric, it guarantees maximum comfort while resisting wrinkling. It's available in a range of colors, including khaki, plum, blue and black. You can also choose between 3 sizes: 1m60, 1m65 and 1m70.


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