White "AL MASHRIQ" Saudi Qamis


Features :

Model: Saudi Kamis

Fabric: Vietnamese

other available colors : White, Blue, Bordeaux and Black

The manequin measures 1m 83 and weighs 89 kg , he wears size 58 ( XL )

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: NB-511

Also known as a man's abaya or kamis, the qamis is a garment that has stood the test of time in the Arab world and elsewhere. While Islam demands modesty from women, it also applies to men. The qamis is one of the garments that best complies with this Islamic injunction. A garment whose origins go back a long way, and which is referenced in the holy texts. The garment is generally a long, ankle-length tunic.

Beyond its religious aspect inIslam, the kamis, which can be found in several forms depending on the country, is also a garment traditionally worn by the local population. So it's not just the preserve of the Muslim world. In fact, it is widespread throughout the world, and its name and use may differ from region to region.

Unlike its Emirati counterpart, the Saudi kamis has a hard, turned-up collar, usually fastened with two buttons. Soft and very comfortable, this qamis is also distinguished by the quality of the fabric. The sleeve style has evolved to include interchangeable cufflinks. The Saudi Qamis can be worn as a three-piece suit.

The Saudi Qamis is available in White, Blue, Bordeaux and Black. Chic and elegant yet understated, it's perfect for business meetings, dinners with family and friends, and other important events. It's the mark of a sophisticated man who values his appearance and maintains the image he presents to the world.


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