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Pure musk


Musk white spray

100 ml

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: ST-820
: Oriental fragrances

Ard Al Zaafaran's Pure Musk eau de parfum is recognized as one of the most prestigious in the Middle East. This elegant, subtle fragrance seeks to introduce you to musk in ways you've never smelled before. Its olfactory ballet opens with a simple, well-mastered aromatic combination.

You'll find the following aromas at the heart of each note:

  • Musk
  • Vanilla
  • White musk.

Pure Musk: a majestic, regal eau de parfum

Dubai perfumes don't pretend to impress our sense of smell. Always in search of the exotic and the exclusive, Pure Musk is no exception. Tradition remains tradition in Emirati lands.

This is exactly what this fragrance conveys to us through its high-end scents. This fragrance revolves around both gourmand and addictive scents. To make Musk a point of honor is to smell an atypical scent. A fragrance that brings out all the elegance, and that you're eager to feel over and over again.

An intoxicating, round aroma that's hard to describe. That's what's so great about musk. The fact that you can recognize the scent and yet find it hard to describe. Putting this fragrance into words is now possible when the ball moves on to floral scents.

Elegance and grandeur at the heart of a fragrance

This oriental fragrance speaks volumes about her personal journey. It was designed to develop the mysticism that lies at the heart of musk. Musk Pure is the very emanation of musk at its most precious. Ard Al zaafaran has selected vanilla to enlist this endearing scent. This combination is intended to enhance the scent while blending with its own tropism. This floral contribution lightly develops the sweet notes to create an unforgettable olfactory experience.

This sophisticated way of triggering musk gives it all the delicacy and finesse desired. What's more, the brand has left no stone unturned to boost its marketing capital. The box includes a free deodorant. The brand always communicates on its 31st, as it did with Fakhar before.

A feeling of immense purity at the heart of this sublime fragrance

The ball of scents closes with the leading fragrance of the moment. Pure Musk makes its final escape, leaving us with a surprising and tantalizing sensation of Musc Tahara. This musk scent smells clean with its irresistible cottony, creamy effect.

This way of impressing us is typical of oriental fragrances. It reminds us that Dubai fragrance is a distinguished and captivating essence. This sparkling effect is here to show us a surmountable logic. That in the blazing heat, it's essential to smell good for the long haul.

It's this massage that Pure Musk sends back to us for daily use. It demonstrates that body hygiene and fragrance are two things that work together. Understand that sprays of this eau de parfum on you will have a decisive effect throughout the day.


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