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: ST-609

We no longer need to introduce you to the El Nabil brand. We're of course referring to this perfume house whose expertise and experience have won the hearts of many. The brand's reputation soared with the launch of its 5 ml musk collection. Not to mention a range of exquisite scents. Discover El Nabil Royal Goldeau de parfum. This sensational fragrance is sure to be the envy of many.

Description of El Nabil Royal Gold eau de parfum

Royal Gold by El Nabil features an original, authentic composition in its category. It is dominated by an alchemy of gustatory vanilla notes. Not to mention the fact that El Nabil has chosen to bring an oriental touch to its fragrance by adding an ambery, musky background. Enjoy this exquisite, bewitching scent in a sleek 50 ml bottle. The shape of the bottle resembles a palace or mosque, immersing us in the world of oriental architecture.

Perfume lovers who adopt this scent will be delighted to learn that it also exists in a 5 ml musk format. This means they can enjoy the scent of this fragrance day and night by slipping the bottle into their saddlebags.

A classic that has become a benchmark

This breathtaking fragrance lends charisma to its wearer, because it's a scent for women and men alike. Discover the four corners of the world with Royal Gold. In fact, its exquisite scent will give you a feeling of escape. This elixir takes you on a journey between East and West. Embody elegance in a custom white sultan qamis. And to complete your look, especially on the way to the mosque, perfume yourself with El Nabil.

Royal Gold, the result of a seductive olfactory pyramid

First, we find Jasmine in the top note. This represents the floral note needed to give you a touch of seduction. Rose and Vanilla Gourmande in the heart note allow you to play the romance and surprise card. Those looking for a floral oriental fragrance will appreciate Washwasha. Musk, vanilla and ambergris complete the olfactory pyramid and make this fragrance oriental.

Quality at low prices

We remind you that musk and vanilla are relatively expensive due to their rarity. But don't panic! El Nabil's expertise has made this precious fragrance affordable. Appreciate the fact that you can treat yourself to a top-quality fragrance while preserving your wallet. It's a philosophy that goes hand in hand with that of Sunnah Store. Indeed, our online Muslim boutique works hard every day to find and offer you the very best quality products at low prices. Browse our website, and meet your needs for clothing, Science, and more; truly, Sounnah Store has thought of everything and for everyone.


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