Parfum dirham oud


oud from dubai

eau de parfum 100 ml


: ST-2512

Ard Al Zaafaran honors oriental scents with Dirham Oud, a fragrance for men and women that's sure to win you over. Wear this fragrance and assert the identity that characterizes you. Make this fragrance an indispensable ally in your daily life and on all occasions. Order this elixir from Sounnah Store and embody the ultimate in elegance.

Dirham Gold perfume makes you beautiful

Assert your personality by wearing Dirham Oud perfume. By spraying this fragrance on your body, you reflect masculine charm and elegance. What's more, it gives you a feeling of mystery and makes you attractive. All contained in a sleek, jewel-like bottle.

An olfactory pyramid that makes sense

First, bergamot, raspberry and lemon combine in the top note. These notes set the tone, and the quality of this product is clear from the very first spray.

Ard Al Zaafaran has chosen to combine sandalwood with the delicate scent of rose and lavender in its heart note. This woody, floral accord makes the fragrance light and subtle.

Finally,'oud wood, a blend of amber, white musk and cedar, closes the loop as the base note. When you choose this fragrance, we guarantee it will leave no one indifferent in your wake. Its scent will give you a feeling of escape and the desire to travel to a faraway oriental destination. The combination of these notes gives this fragrance a smoky-amber feel. These different notes make this olfactory pyramid complex and attractive.

How do I best use my fragrance?

To make the most of the exquisite scent of this fairly concentrated fragrance, we recommend using it in small doses. Next, we recommend that you focus on the pulse points, as these correspond to the areas that the fragrance enjoys. Sounnah Store chooses for you the fragrances that are sure to make you elegant.


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