Eau de parfum El nabil Halima 50 ml


Fresh fragrance On floral notes , lily of the valley , With a caramel base

50 ML

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: ST-2394

Musc Halima from the French perfume house El Nabil has enjoyed the same success since its release. The designers have imagined both its scent and its presentation to make it something original. In fact, this eau de parfum is an emblem of French-style oriental perfumery.

Today, this bottle of perfume still tops the sales charts as it did on its first day. Some prototypes have become classics thanks to their olfactory aroma. Such is the mission of Musc Halima.

Musc Halima: a seductive design for consumers

Although the El Nabil perfume house is located on the Champs Élysées. From the outset, it has sought to appeal to the Arab world through its work as a master perfumer. A Middle Eastern clientele with a strong presence in Paris and an enthusiastic local Muslim community were quickly won over by Musc Halima.

The precious bottle, erected in the shape of a mosque dome, is highly evocative.

In its visual presentation, Musc Halima recalls the typical charm of Oriental palaces. A mark of voluptuousness that makes it endearing. And above all, it heralds in its wake a distinguished olfactory revolution. Such is the vocation of the El Nabil brand. It is distinguished by its French-style oriental luxury.

In the same spirit and with the same olfactory quality, you'll find similar sensations with Musc Body.

One of France's most seductive oriental fragrances

You have to smell Musc Halima to discover its sensuality and intense emotions. It's a soft, tenacious eau de parfum with body. The originality and marriage of these aromas leave no one indifferent. In its wake, it develops the typical oriental sensibility expressed by Arab fragrances.

In light of the aromatic combinations announced, we can already form an idea of the product.

Indeed, Musc Halima is first and foremost an ingenious blend of fragrances with highly equivocal tropical aromas. It emancipates itself with a gourmand air revealed by chocolate and tonka bean. Vanilla and lily of the valley also give it a fresh, sweet allure. A fragrance to awaken the senses in all their splendor.

A spectacle of scents enlisted by the round scent of musk

Musc Halima, like all El Nabil fragrances, is the hallmark of French musk. The fragrance's floral, almondy notes leave no one indifferent. Soothing the soul with its highly sought-after aromas, this eau de parfum plays on several facets to make musk even more charming.

And you know it! Musk is a rounded, aphrodisiac scent. At the heart of Musc Halima, this cleanliness gives it even more presence. That's the message we get from El Nabil's exquisite fragrances.


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