Musk Tahara


Technical data :

Name: Musc Tahara

Origin: Surrati

Formats available : 3 mL, 6 mL and 12 mL

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: ST-448
: Musk tahara

There is a sunna according to which it is recommended that a Muslim woman apply a piece of perfumed cloth to her private parts after her ghusl at the end of her menstrual period. This is in reference to a hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim, in which the Prophet Muhammad said to a woman who had come to ask him about ghusl: "Take a perfumed cloth and purify yourself with it". Which she did with musk tahara.

Tahara musk, the perfect intimate musk to adopt

Also known as "white musk". Tahara musk is particularly popular with Middle Eastern women. Gradually conquered Muslims around the world. In fact, Muslim women are the most seduced by its refined fragrance. They use it to revive a neglected sunna. The hadith doesn't mention the use of white musk in particular, but it has been a favorite among our sisters for this occasion. However, it is not exclusively reserved for feminine use.

A musk recognized for years

Like most white musks on the market, Surrati Tahara musk is a synthetic white musk. It is recognized as being of very high quality. It's a creamy-textured musk that's both fresh and soft, leaving a long-lasting fragrance. Its fresh fragrance, soft notes of cotton and white musk are sure to delight your senses. Made in Mekkah by the renowned perfumer Surrati. Available in 3, 6 and 12 mL bottles. Whether as a gift for a loved one or for your own personal use, Tahara musk is undoubtedly a gift not to be refused. Think about it at Sounnahstore, with free delivery from 79€!


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