ADN Musc 5ML Royal

ADN Musc 5 ML Royal


5 ml

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: ST-412
: Musk DNA

ADN Royal musk is by far one of the most iconic of the ADN brand. On the market for over a decade, it has become the ADN collection's timeless staple. Today, it is one of the best-selling pocket fragrances of all brands. Its prestige is naturally due to the aroma it develops on the skin and the sensual packaging that makes it so famous.

To convince you to buy it, you'll find more objective explanations about this product.

MUSC ADN Royal is based on a formidable olfactory pyramid

Many pocket musks are aromatically similar. This quickly leads to their becoming commonplace. Contrary to popular belief, ADN Royal musk develops its own olfactory identity that makes it so special. Very few ingredients give prestige to this exceptional musk. To be precise, the following combinations make up this prestigious musk:

  • Almond top note
  • Jasmine sambac and vanilla in the heart note
  • Agarwood on the base note.

To keep things simple and remain at the top of the range, ADN Royal musk has selected exclusive scents. The ones that give it its intense scent and royal character.

What is the aromatic backdrop for this prestigious pocket musk?

ADN Royal musk is no ordinary fragrance. Small musks are often compared to vulgar, uninteresting little vials. Yet brands like ADN and El Nabil demonstrate that high quality can emerge from the heart of the pocket format. By working on the rich character of its fragrances, ADN demonstrates that it is possible to obtain highly atypical and desirable scents. How about the aromas present in its personalized cocktail of scents:

  • Bitter almond, with its round scent, provides an addictive first note
  • A very romantic floral character, manifested by the whitish, aquatic aspect of jasmine
  • A touch of the exotic and sweet, delivered by the remarkable scent of vanilla
  • Finally, a woody universe that emerges thanks to the richness of oud.

This royal musk conveys a luxurious oriental character just by rubbing the pocket-sized ball.

A quality label derived from the musk's alcohol-free core

So you see, Royal ADN musk directly confers a special identity on its wearer. There's no such thing as a coincidence, and you know it.

If this little fragrance is still one of the best-selling musks today, it's because of its nobility. The balance of its flavors is what makes it so rich and voluptuous. What's more, the ADN brand distinguishes itself in this field by designing its musk without alcohol.

This highly significant detail for its customers directly implies several elements:

  • No skin irritation
  • A more tenacious, less evasive musk
  • A better-controlled scent and aromas that dissipate less quickly.

This complete and prestigious musk has everything it takes to please.


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