Chachia high-end white ref 11


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Product type: Chachia
Fabric: High-end
Color: White
Season: All seasons
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: ST-992
: Men's Chechias

Traditionally worn under a ghoutra in certain countries, notably the Gulf states, the chachia is one of the finest clothing accessories designed to embellish the Muslim man. To suit every style and circumstance, a wide range of different chachia models have been designed by various couturiers and fashion professionals.

SunnahStore introduces you to the High-End Chachia, a splendid cap to optimize your traditional garments and costumes, such as your qamis, bichts, sarouels, etc. Also known as Taguiya or fez, this chachia has been designed with extreme quality fabric to resist wear and tear and retain its complexion for a very long time. What's more, its soft, warm fabric ensures maximum comfort, whatever the season.

Its perfectly finished design gives you a great look, and its shape helps you keep it on your head without it slipping off when you're doing intensive work. Its sober yet dressy style complements all kinds of occasions, such as religious holidays, performing prayers at the mosque, work and even everyday life.

For added comfort, the Chachia Haut de Gamme features ventilation holes. So your head and hair won't feel suffocated. Available in a range of colors and sizes, this headgear suits everyone and every taste. Hurry up and order your Chachia Haut de Gamme to feel elegant at all times and/or to give as a gift to one of your loved ones. SounnahStore provides you with the best products available, delivering them quickly and always on time.


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