Prophetic medicine

Prophetic medicine


A must-have in terms of French-speaking Muslim reading, l'authentique de la médecine prophétique by the noble scholar Ibn Al Qayyim is sure to meet your needs.

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A must in terms of French-language Muslim reading, the book L'authentique de la médecine prophétique by the noble scholar Ibn Al Qayyim is sure to meet your needs.

In Islam, the health of the body is a fundamental necessity in people's lives. That's why the Muslim is called upon to give importance to his own health. But also to the health of society as a whole, so that Muslim society remains strong. This can only be achieved through the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings upon him). For health encompasses both the health of the body and the health of the heart, and only the science of the Prophets that is Revelation brings these two things together to perfection.

The medicine of Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) is not like that of doctors. For his medicine is certain, formal and divine, emanating from Revelation, prophecy and the perfection of reason.

Excerpt from the book Authentic Prophetic Medicine

It is authentically reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said:

"Whoever eats seven dates (from the village) Al-'Aliyah in the morning will not be affected on that day by either poison or sorcery."(Sahih Al Bukhari 5769 and Muslim 2047).

He also says: "The inhabitants of a house where there are no dates go hungry." (Muslim 2046). And it is authenticated that he ate dates with butter, bread, or on their own (Sahih Abû Dâwud 3838). So you can see that the benefits of dates are very beneficial to the body on a daily basis. Discover our selection of dates:

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Concerning the book Authentic Prophetic Medicine, the ahadiths are authenticated according to the works of Sheikh Al-Albani and Sheikh Al-Arnâ'ût (may Allah have mercy on them).

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