Saudi Jilbeb Umm Hafsa With Clips Black

Saudi Jilbeb Umm Hafsa With Clips Black



ModelSaudi Jilbeb Umm Hafsa With Clips 

Textile: Peach skin soft

Colors: Black, night bluegrayplumbrownkhaki

Available Sizes: 1, 2, 3

Size guide:

Size 1 : Less than 1m60   Size 2 : 1m65   Size 3 : More than 1m70

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: SA-0218

The jilbeb is a dress worn by women in Muslim communities. It is suitable for all Muslim women whether or not they actively seek to abide by religious expectations. It’s an opaque and expansive outfit that’s designed to not accentuate the female figure. A proper jilbeb must conceal the body starting from the hair down to the feet except for the face and the hands. It’s a unique outfit that doesn’t conform to men’s fashion.

The jilbeb of the brand Umm Hafsa is designed under several different styles. The design here is a Saudi inspired Jilbeb with clips. It’s distinguished by its wide, expansive tunic with a chin cover and an integrated headband. But there are also clips on the tunic located at the chest and sleeves. The clips on the chest allow the outfit to stay in place, especially when it’s windy. The sleeves are designed to facilitate an opening at the cuffs, thus making it possible to easily rotate the sleeves when performing the ablutions for example.

The Jilbeb Umm Hafsa is designed with a soft, peach skin-like fabric which makes it a fluid, light, and wrinkle-free. It‘s available in various colors including black, night bluegrayplumbrown & khaki. In all its forms this outfit retains a beautiful and elegant charm. It’s pleasant to wear and suitable for all seasons.


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