Jilbab/Jilbeb 2 pieces khaki skirt Al Manassik

Jilbab/Jilbeb 2 pieces skirt military green Al Manassik n°14


peach skin jilbeb

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Discover at SounnahStore, the Al Manassik 2-piece khaki skirt jilbab, a reference jilbab at an attractive price. Let yourself be seduced by this product.

Let yourself be seduced by the Al Manassik 2-piece khaki skirt jilbab

Your Al-Manassik Jilbab is green!

This "Skirt" version of your 2-piece Khaki Jilbab should become the visiting outfit of your choice. In a discreet, monotone green, it will cover you with natural, sober elegance.

Available in one size, discover the quality of peach skin fabric through the wide skirt and top in the same Al Manassik style. Thanks to this new color offered by this brand, you'll be able to vary the colors and tastes of your Jilbab, without compromising your modesty. Try it, adopt it.


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