Eau de parfum fakhar lattafa rose gold


Olfactory notes :

top notes: rose, pear, peach, jasmine and apple

heart note: patchouli, orange blossom, citrus and ylang ylang

base note: vanilla, woody, floral and vetiver

100 ML

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: PL-911

Fakhar Lattafa Rose Gold eau de parfum is one of today's hottest fragrances for Muslim women. This glamorous fragrance with a special sensibility is at the heart of the rediscovery of the fragrances of the Arab world. It is characterized by highly sophisticated aromatic combinations. Today, this fragrance has become a must-have at the heart of Dubai's perfume scene. Its identity and finesse merit a presentation of the brand before we take you on a journey to the heart of its fragrances.

Focus on Lattafa perfumes: the jewel of Arab fragrance

Before introducing you to Fakhar Lattafa Rose Gold, we invite you to get to know this perfume brand. Three decades old, this brand has always been at the heart of Emirati society.

It's as much a part of the country's cultural landscape as the most prestigious French perfumes. Its oriental consonance gives it a strong identity.

Its fresh, fragrant aromas are imagined in a tropical ambience. For some years now, it has been invading the French perfumery market and competing with it.

Fakkhar Lattafa Rose Gold: an olfactory ode to women

If you'd like to give a generous Eid gift to your mother, sister or aunt, here's a fragrance of magnificent beauty. Its golden-pink packaging is a perfect match for feminine standards.

But it's at the heart of the bottle that this fragrance tells its sensual story. From the very first whiff, you'll find a very fruity, whitish scent. The combination of floral and round fruit aromas gives it its discreet character.

Fakkhar Lattafa Rose Gold makes its first impression with a soft, controlled scent that instantly refreshes the skin. You'll certainly find it more generous at the heart of the first hour on the pulse points.

An endearing combination of citrus and exoticism

Oriental perfumery is all about exclusive, sought-after scents. The finest plants from exotic gardens are exploited to marry with citrus flavors.

The voluptuous element developed by Fakhar Lattafa Rose Gold is obvious. It's an invitation to travel, encouraging the sense of smell to grasp its scope and meaning.

Slightly addictive, the aroma that emerges is fabulous. Coming from afar, it yearns to be breathed in by its owner. This gentle way of making perfume is typical of the sensitive character that emanates from the Middle East.

A very feminine, oriental final note

Like the vast majority of oriental fragrances, Fakhar Lattafa Rose Gold is no exception to the rule. It is at the heart of a sweet, woody trend that gives it all its prestige. The scent that is supposed to appear in the trail after 6 hours gives it substance and charisma.

This oriental fragrance for women is one of the most iconic to date. It combines ancestral tradition and luxurious character in a 100 ml bottle.


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