The little-known pearls of ali ibn abi talib


Bilingual Arabic - French text with commentary

edition : al bidar

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"Ibn Abi Talib's Unsung Pearls" is a collection of the most beautiful quotations by this illustrious companion of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him). At the heart of the book is a collection of sayings of benefit to all. They are written in verse form in French and Arabic. These quotations, which the 4th caliph of Islam proclaimed throughout his life, were compiled after his death. So you can learn from them in your quest for virtue and good behavior.

Who was Ali Ibn Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with him)?

If we encourage you to read "The Unsung Pearls of Ibn Abi Talib", it's because of its wisdom. Indeed, this companion is the Prophet's (PBUH) paternal cousin. He was the first child to convert to Islam, and one of the ten companions promised Paradise.

In addition to being the cousin of the Messenger of God, he was also his son-in-law. In fact, he was the husband of his daughter Fatima, with whom he had two children: Al Hassan and Al Hussein.

His status as a member of the Prophet's (sws) family and the Abi Talib clan is unquestionable. He is one of the closest Companions with :

Eloquent verses full of meditation and wisdom

We recommend reading this book to boost your faith. If you read books on Dogma, it is useful to accompany it with this reading. This book, like the athars of the Companions, is very beneficial in the journey of Islam. Let's not forget that they were the best generation to have accompanied the Prophet (sws).

Indeed, the Prophet (sws) said: "The best of you are my generation, then the one that follows it, then the one that follows it.

"Reported by Bukhari in his Sahih (3450) and Muslim (2535)"

As Sahib, Ali Ibn Talib forms with the Companions the Jama'ah to be followed. For they were the closest to the Messenger of Allah to whom the Muslim religion was taught with the right understanding.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib's words therefore carry weight and legitimacy for believers.

Zoom in on some of the beneficial sayings at the heart of the book

When you read the book "The Unknown Pearls of Ibn Abi Talib", you will grasp the significance of the words of this exemplary companion. Expressions full of meaning and soothing to the soul. Here are a few verses from the work:

  • "True beauty is not the wearing of this or that garment, but rather being clothed in science and good behavior".

In the light of these words, we realize that acquiring knowledge was the Companions' primary concern. Making provisions for the Hereafter was their first concern in this life.

  • "In taming my soul, I have found no better education for it than the fear of Allah".

This book has been written in full French-Arabic text, with commentary for better understanding.

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