Portable electric incense burner

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: sh-13554
: BAZAR Bakhoor / censer

The Karamat electric incense burner is a product that the Saudi brand cannot do without for its customers. At the heart of perfumery and the most prestigious incense, it goes without saying that we offer a prestigious range of incense burners. From the outset, this one stands out for its magnificent design, which will once again brighten up your living room with its oriental allure.

Karamat electric incense burner: an elegant new addition to your living room

The use of incense and bakhour has become a must in Muslim homes. In a flash, it has surpassed the use of Haramain sticks. The oud's decorative significance and sublime fragrance must be understood from the outset. It's only natural, then, that your home's main room should be embellished and themed with an equivocal electrical appliance. Indeed, the Karamat electric incense burner is not a trivial accessory. While it is designed to automatically burn the raw material, it is also present in your living room.

Its obvious beauty, characterized by attractive gold, black and brown colors, directly evokes a chic, oriental ambiance. The iconic Karamat logo also adds prestige to the heart of your dining room. It will be carefully and cleverly displayed on a sideboard to fulfill its destiny.

How does this magnificent electric incense burner work?

The Karamat electric incense burner comes in an elegant box with various accessories. It consists of a base and a gilded container adorned with a stopper. At the heart of this decapsulable container is the raw material to be burned. The electrical system then safely handles the bakhour while releasing its delicious smoke. The small grid you can see on the product image pleasantly diffuses theincense. This innovative system has several advantages:

  • It offers greater safety and doesn't necessarily require supervision, thanks to its autonomous function
  • You no longer need to buy charcoal to burn your bakhour
  • The electric incense burner is portable, thanks to its rechargeable battery.

A great gift to give as a sign of generosity

Whether for your own personal use or as a gift for someone else, the Karamat electric incense burner is just the thing. If you're worried about arriving somewhere empty-handed, this gift stands out for its originality. Above all, it will make a very good impression, as it will also help the recipient to achieve his or her goal. Perhaps she didn't use incense before. Introducing them to Karamat products will make them aware of some very exotic and delicious smells.

All the more reason to warm up the atmosphere at home. The color code of the Karamat electric incense burner is also designed to fit in anywhere. That's why it's sure to stand out anywhere. In short, it won't go unnoticed, and many people will wonder about its aesthetic appeal. You can also accompany it with an initial sample of bakhour to make it easier to use.


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