Jilbeb girl black

Jilbeb Girl Safwa Black


Features :

Model: Jilbeb Fille
Brand: Safwa
Colours: Black, Garnet Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Light Grey, Light Pink, Brown, Charcoal Grey, Dark Lilla, Dark Grey, Pink and Duck Green.
Composition: Cape + skirt
Textile: 100% microfibre
Sizes available: 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 years

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: ST-871
: Girl Jilbeb / Tunic

The jilbeb is an essential part of a woman's Islamic wardrobe, a lovely garment consisting of a long, wide cape and a loose bottom that reaches down to the feet to cover the entire body of Muslim women. Thanks to its many assets, the jilbeb has become one of the most popular outfits in the entire community.

That said, it's not just reserved for adult women. On the contrary, you can now find jilbebs specially designed for girls. SounnahStore is delighted to present the Na3im Jilbeb Fille Noir, the perfect garment for our little princesses.

Made from a high-quality opaque fabric that's light and comfortable to wear, this ensemble, comprising a full jilbeb and a long, wide skirt that falls to the feet, enables your little girl to dress elegantly and comfortably, while maintaining respect for religious traditions and standards.

Thanks to its black color and high-quality fabric, the Jilbeb Fille Noire Na3im can be worn in all seasons. What's more, the garment is available in three sizes: 2-4 years, 6-8 years and 10-12 years. We recommend choosing the next size up if in doubt.

All in all, the Na3im Jilbeb Fille Noire, with its chic yet modest style, is the perfect outfit to bring your little girls into line with Islamic values and principles of dress, while giving them a feeling of comfort and well-being. Don't wait any longer, hurry up and order your new jilbeb on our website. Also available in the following colors: Garnet Red, Violet, Roy Blue, Light Grey, Pale Pink, Brown, Anthracite Grey, Dark Lilla, Dark Grey, Pink and Duck Green.


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