White Emirati Kamees Spring Frabrics Custom Qamis

White Emirati Kamees Spring Frabrics Custom Qamis



ModelEmirati Kamees

Textile: Spring fabrics

Colors: White or Black.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL & XXL

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: ST-331

The Qamis, also known as kamis & kameez is an outfit that has transcended generations and time in the Arab world. Often worn by Muslim men, it is generally a long tunic which descends down to the ankles. Though it has deep cultural origins, it is also religious in nature. Concealing the male figure, it allows him not to be ostentatious in his clothing, and to imitate the prophet of Islam.

Besides its religious attributes, the qamis is an outfit which takes on a variety of styles in the Muslim world. In the United Arab Emirates, qamis are usually long. It is an outfit very often worn by men as a regularly. It is more traditional with a rich cultural background than a trendy fashion statement.

The design listed here is characteristic of the Emirati style: hand woven with white Spring fabric of very high quality. A solid color, it is an excellent mix between a refined look and sophisticated aesthetics. The thin, lightweight microfiber incorporated into the Precious fabric material of the qamis will ensure great comfort while allowing the skin to breathe easily. It will also protect you from the heat as temperatures soar. Designed so that the fabric does not stick to the skin, you have an excellent solution to spend summers in cool comfort.

The low-cut neck is designed to benefit from even the lightest breezes. It should also be noted that the classic sleeves of this model are quite ample. This will allow your wrists to be clear, ideal for watch lovers.

It is also available in black. Available sizes are S, M, L, XL and XXL. If you’re looking for a refined, yet distinguished look so you can remain faithful to the spirit of the Sunna, then this qamis is what you need.


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