AL MASHRIQ" white Emirati Qamis


Qamis made in the United Arab Emirates with satin-finish precious fabric

sold with removable tie

The model measures 1m 74 and weighs 74 kg , He wears size 54 (M)

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: JU-2327

The Qamis, also known as men's abaya or kamis, is a garment that has stood the test of time in the Arab world. Often worn by Muslim men, it is generally a long, single tunic reaching down to the ankles. It is often associated with a religious garment. Covering the man's private parts, it enables him not to be ostentatious in his dress, and to imitate the prophet of Islam.

In addition to its religious significance, the kamis is a garment that comes in a variety of styles in different parts of the world. In the Emirates, qamis are generally long. They are frequently worn by men as part of their daily routine. It's more a traditional garment with a rich cultural background than a fashion statement.

Having said that, the model proposed here is a characteristic garment from the United Arab Emirates, handcrafted in a high-quality white Spring fabric. Solid in color, it's an excellent blend of sober looks and sophisticated aesthetics. The fine, lightweight microfibers incorporated in the qamis' Precious fabric guarantee great comfort, while allowing the skin to breathe easily. They also protect the skin from heat stroke as temperatures rise. Designed so that the fabric doesn't stick to the skin, this is an excellent solution for a cool summer.

The absence of a collar means the neck is free to enjoy even the lightest breezes. Note also that the classic sleeves of this model are quite full. This will keep your wrists free, ideal for watch and bracelet lovers.

Also available in black. Sizes available are S, M, L, XL, XXL. Are you looking for a sober, well-groomed look in keeping with the spirit of the Sunnah? Then this qamis is for you.


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