Qamis Saoudien Blanc Custom Qamis

White Saudi Qamis Custom Qamis



ModelSaudi Qamis

Textile: Precious fabrics

Colors: White, Blue, Burgundy & Black

Available sizes:  S, M, L, XL & XXL

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: ST-423

Also known as a kamis, kamees & kameez, the qamis is an outfit that has transcended the ages and time in the Arab world and elsewhere. If Islam asks the woman to embrace modesty, the fact remains that men must also respect this commandment. The qamis is the best outfit to conform to this tenet of Islam. An outfit whose origins date back a long time and which is referenced in the holy texts. It’s generally a long tunic descending to the ankles.

Beyond its religious attributes, the qamis can be found in several designs depending on the country. So, differences in appearance and use may be attributed to particular regions.

Unlike its Emirati counterpart, the Saudi Qamis has a raised, hard collar that usually closes with two buttons. Soft and very comfortable, this qamis is also distinguished by the quality of fabric. The sleeves have evolved with the integration of interchangeable cufflinks. You should know that the Saudi qamis can be worn in the same way as a three-piece suit.

It is also available in BlueBurgundy & BlackChic and stylish, yet still refined, it will do the trick for business meetings, gala dinners and other important events. It is the mark of a sophisticated man who values the importance of his appearance and maintains the image he presents to the world.


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