Parfum Voiture El Nabil Adem


Features :

Brand: El Nabil
Model: Adem
Product type: Car Fragrance
Fragrances: floral, musky
Features: small glass bottle, stopper and cord
Scents: Adem, Slim, Mango, Tropical, Sweet, Abu Dhabi and Coco.
Capacity: 6 ml

In Stock

: ST-797
: Car fragrances

In association with the most prestigious and experienced perfumeries in France, El Nabil luxury perfumery is renowned for designing quality scents in Europe and around the world.

This combination of oriental aromas and western style has undoubtedly enabled El Nabil to succeed in its challenge of providing a complete range of fragrances for men, women and even children.

To meet the expectations and needs of its customers, this oriental perfumery is always on the lookout for new ideas for modern, quality perfume models. Today, we invite you to discover an extremely practical and wonderfully delicious new product. We're talking about Parfum Voiture El Nabil Adem, a fragrance diffuser specially designed for cars.

Original and elegant, this fragrance will constantly spread a sublime scent throughout the interior of your vehicle. You'll never tire of smelling these naturally exquisite aromas. Its floral and musky scents will bring enormous sensations of pleasure to the driver and passengers as they travel in their car.

For added aesthetic appeal, Parfum Voiture El Nabil Adem has been introduced in a pretty little glass bottle fitted with a beautiful gold cap. What's more, to reinforce the functional aspect, a cord has been integrated to hang the container from your car's interior rearview mirror.

That said, we advise you not to handle this product once hung, and above all, to avoid any contact with the eyes. Available in stock, you can order your El Nabil Adem Car Fragrance now for pure moments of happiness. Slim, Mango, Tropical, Sweet, Abu Dhabi and Coco scents are also available from Sounnah Store.


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