The most beautiful stories of the sunnah scholars

The most beautiful stories of the sunnah scholars

Author(s) Imam Adh-Dhahabi
Cover Hardback
Publication date 2015
Dimensions 17.5X24
Publisher(s) Islam Chronicles by Islam Audio
ISBN 9782919455805
Language French
Number of pages 336
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: ST-2164

Discover a book that recounts the most beautiful stories of Sunnah scholars. This easy-to-read book, suitable for French speakers, will introduce you to the lives of numerous scholars. These scholars have left their mark on the history ofIslam through their behavior, from which we can learn many lessons.

The most beautiful stories of the scholars of Sunnah highlight the ulama

Our online Muslim store offers you a book inspired by the famous work As siyar a'lam an noubala byImam Ad-dahabi, modeled on the methodology of the Sunnah scholars. The authenticity of each source is verified and carefully selected. The need to learn about religion drives Muslims to turn to scholars.

Indeed, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said that the Ulama were the heirs of the Prophets. Let's take advantage of the knowledge acquired by these men who have devoted their lives to learning about this noble religion. Discover in particular My advice for students of science by Sheikh Mouqbil, rahimahoullah.

Return to the people of science, a foundation for every Muslim

Muslims need to turn to scholars. In particular, they will answer questions and issue the necessary fatwas for situations faced by believers.

Sunna scholars are distinguished from others by their systematic adherence to authentic texts. Their behavior and knowledge bear witness to their rank and exemplarity.

Sunnah Store accompanies you on your path to Allah

Our online Muslim store has selected a multitude of books designed to help you learn your religion. Benefit from the work of Sunnah scholars, particularly in the transmission of knowledge.


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