goldy beard oil


Characteristics :

Brand: the one gold ( royal gold )
Product type: 100% natural "barber oil"
Composition: jojoba oil, castor oil and argan oil
Scent: royal gold
Capacity: 50 ml bottle
Manufacturing: handmade


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: ST-824
: Beard oils

The men's cosmetics market is booming. Aware of this, SounnahStore always selects the best products to take care of men. Naturally, the beard is a major beauty factor, adding virility and charm to the face. That said, beards can add even more beauty and well-being when well cared for.

For this, there's nothing better than opting for one of our beard products. Today, we present goldy Beard Oil. A perfect blend of natural oils and the scent of royal gold ( el nabil ) . Subtle and precious, this elixir will have you falling under its spell from the very first sight and scent. You won't be able to resist its exceptional aroma, both raw and refined.

This oil is perfect for all types of beard. What's more, it has innumerable health and well-being benefits. Indeed, goldy Beard Oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes beard hair and facial skin. It also makes your beard suppler, softer, shinier and stronger. It also helps protect your beard from external aggressors such as pollution, dirt and dust.

With goldy Beard Oil, your beard will be more beautiful, better disciplined and grow faster and better. Very easy to use, simply pour a little into the palm of your hand, rub it between your hands to warm it up, then apply it directly to your beard without rinsing.


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