Jilbab/Jilbeb 2 pièces jupe bleu nuit - Al Manassik

Jilbab/Jilbeb 2 Pieces Skirt Night Blue - Al Manassik



Model: The jilbeb Al Manassik

Textile: Peach Skin

Colors : Night blue, blue duckblue oilblackplumgrayanthracite graykhaki, molebrowncherry

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Worn by essentially most women of Muslim faith, the jilbeb is an outfit with rich cultural and historical roots. The Al Manassik brand offers original designs of this style. It’s an outfit with refined tones and wide cuts that reinforces the integrity of the body from head to feet. It’s an outfit that goes beyond haute couture, and remains a timeless reference to tradition.

It’s inseparable from the religious dimension because it satisfies all the conditions expected by religion as regards the dress code for women. It guarantees modesty in public places and allows you to remain modest in all circumstances.

The Jilbab Al Manassik is designed to all meet all sizes. It’s sold under two designs, each consisting of two pieces with a long skirt or pants. The expansive skirt is designed with an elastic band at the waist so that it so that it fits and fits firmly.

The top-half has a cap and butterfly sleeves. It is made of soft peach skin fabric which is a fluid, light, and soft material which also makes it wrinkle-free. You will find it in various colors including dark blue, blue duck, blue oil, blackplumgrayanthracite graykhakimolebrown, or even cherry color. But no matter the color, the Jilbeb Al Manassik always remains elegant, original, discreet, pleasant to wear and suitable for all seasons.


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